Patrel Oy
Loimaa, FI 32200 | +35850-5575677

About Patrel Oy

Patrel Oy is a loyal and innovative company in industrial design and construction. We're specialized in air control, instrument, and pipe installations. With our professional and competent staff we are able to bring out best results even from the most demanding projects. The past 10 years we've been a part of the fast growing Finnish shipyard industry and working as a subcontractor for the global shipyard leader, Meyer Turku.

Our headquarters is located in the heart of Western Finland.


The company was founded by one man with big dreams in 1998. Today the company has been working in several national and international projects for almost 30 years.

Thanks to strong experience from diversed projects, Patrel Oy is able to provide its customers reliable and tailored solutions.


Patrel OY
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